Chinese Jesus ImageThe way that Jesus taught

Jesus used many different ways of teaching.


A parable is a story with a meaning. This has always been a particularly good way of teaching because people generally love to hear a story.

Jesus is perhaps most famous for his use of parables in his teaching, although he was not the first person ever to teach in parables, and neither was he the last.

One of the great benefits of parables is that they still make sense today. Although the stories often speak of everyday life in an ancient world it seems that life has not really changed that much.

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Jesus also teaches in the same way that any religious leader does, by preaching. We hear of Jesus preaching in Synagogues and in the open air. When Jesus was preaching crowds of people would gather to hear what he had to say.

Did you know?
In Jesus' day sermons could take a whole day to preach. However, the sermons of Jesus that we have recorded in the gospels do not last more than a few minutes.
Traditionally, in Jesus' day, the preacher would sit down to deliver the sermon - presumably because they went on so long.


Jesus was a very practical teacher and he would demonstrate what he taught in the way he treated other people and through his miracles.


Jesus often used miracles to get his point across. He would perform miracles to prove that he had the right to make statements about spiritual matters.

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