Tomb of Jesus ImageIs this the empty tomb of Jesus? This ediface was built around a rough tomb that tradition says is the place where Jesus was buried. Image ©

Things to think about

So the cross is not the end of things and neither is the cross the disaster it seems. Jesus has come back to life after being dead.

This means that there is hope in life. Despite anything else that might happen we now have hope.

This is the end of this course but I encourage you to look at the "What next?" page for some thoughts on what to do with the information you have explored. If this exploration of Jesus has made an impact on you and you want to take things further then there is information on what to do on the "What next?" page.

Here are some things to get you thinking about the session you have just explored:

  • How do you explain the empty tomb?
  • If, as Christians claim, Jesus rose from the dead, what difference would it make to you?
  • What gives you hope?
  • If you were Jesus what would you want the church to do?