The Temple Wall ImageAll that is left of Herod's Temple. Image ©

Things to think about

So Jesus was a great prophet in that he was able to talk about God in a way that makes God accessible for us all. Because of Jesus we can appreciate the very intimate way that God can have a relationship with us.

But Jesus claims to be special. Jesus claims that he has an authority to speak about these things that others do not. The Jewish people looked for a messiah who would set them free. Is Jesus that messiah but for us all? This is what we explore in the next session.

Here are some things to get you thinking about the session you have just explored:

  • Do you see God as a loving Father?
  • What do you thing Jesus meant when he described God as a loving Father?
  • How did you see religion?
  • Is there a force of personal evil in the world?
  • What does being spiritual mean?

I've read the last page of the Bible. It's all going to turn out all right. - Billy Graham