God2-Sistine ChapelWhat Jesus said about God

Jesus wanted us to see God in a different way that we might naturally imagine God to be.

We might imagine that God is very distant from us and would not really care about anyone's particular life. We might think that God is evil. We might assume that God just wants to punish us and the only way to avoid that is to give God gifts and sacrifices.

However this is not the picture of God that Jesus wanted us to see. He wanted us to understand that God is in fact a:

  • Loving creator
  • Forgiving Father
  • Compassionate Father
  • Helping Spirit

If you want to know what God is like - look at Jesus

Jesus taught that if we want to know what God is like then we should look at Jesus. He described God in very different terms that people were used to. Instead of the vengeful and vindictive God that many people believed in he taught that God was patient and forgiving. He used some quite remarkable words to describe God and wanted us to see God more as a loving, caring father than a God who is out to get revenge for every little thing we do wrong.

Christians have not always been very good at getting this point across but if you read the gospels you will discover that God is full of love and not full of anger. God does not tolerate those who abuse others but he is very quick to forgive and wants to help us.

Jesus once told us that God even knows how many hairs there are on our heads. This is a level of detail that is remarkable to think about and shows us that God cares for us as individuals.