Frequently Asked Questions

Specific questions to this part of the course

Isn't what Jesus taught just the same as any other religion?

It is true that there are many points of similarity but there are some things that are unique to Jesus.

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Why did Jesus teach in parables?

Parables enabled Jesus to get important points across without causing offence. It was important for people to work out the meaning of what he was saying for themselves

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General Questions about Jesus

Can the Bible's accounts of the life of Jesus be trusted?

There are many reasons to be confident that the gospels are good historical accounts of the life of Jesus. Some of the obvious reasons are:

  • Early date
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Archeology

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But isn't the Jesus story just a figment of imagination based on someone else?

There have been many attempts to equate Jesus with some other historical figure or mythical figure, in an attempt to discredit the Christian claims about Jesus.

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Is there any other historical evidence for Jesus?

Jesus is mentioned in other historical documents than the bible.

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Was Jesus just an angry young man?

Some critics of Jesus have claimed that Jesus is nothing more than an angry young man who uses violence to get his message across.

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Didn't Jesus teach some secret knowledge to his closest followers that the church has tried to suppress?

There have been some who claim that the Jesus of Christianity is not the real Jesus of history. The claim is made that Jesus taught a "secret knowledge" to his closest followers that the church has been suppressing for 2000 years.

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